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really wanted to tinychat tonight to talk about my day pero I’m dead tired

I visited my hometown today and surprised my 3rd grade, 5th grade, and middle school teachers

I did a lot of driving and eating today and now I have a boner so yeah

good night folks!

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I rest my pretty little ass

I’ve spent way too much time on this

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god I just get so fired up when people are mean and I just want justice for all human beings is that so hard to accomplish 

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The thing that makes me mad is how coward this is. If I didn’t see my name on that ask, I wouldn’t know he was talking shit about me. He didn’t have the balls to come and say shit to my face.

I’m not one of those bitches he tries to fuck online. I want him to prove what he is saying. Isn’t he so fucking sure of it? THEN PROVE IT!

Prove it or shut the fuck up.

You talk about bullying. You are the one doing it. Look at yourself.

I did prove it girl.

check ‘yoself before you wreck yourself!

too many flaws in this post, I have to reblog again to extend my point.

I DIDN’T come to your blog directly and say it to your face because how stupid would I be to do that? of course you would deny it! haha.

and you don’t follow me, why do you claim to know so much about me?

*pity teardrop*

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Anonymous asked: It's actually Pacific Daylight Time. Standard time ended when we sprang forward. The more you know...

oops, thanks anon LOL

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it’s tumblr user himeroswings

confirmed sources

this is getting really out of hand

he’s currently fabricating a post to make it sound like his personal blog is not the victim but he’s failing very miserably, it actually makes me feel really bad

but in reality, okay, let’s imagine alltheboyzz is a person. if he only targets, bullies, and praises asian guys, why would himero be so quick to respond to him?

why would a guy who likes asians follow a blog that disses asian guys?

f a b r i c a t e d

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alltheboyzz isn’t even asian let alone relevant on his personal blog at all

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tinychat!~ tonight!~ 11:30 pm pst!~ be there or be straight!~

tonight’s topics:

- kittens

- my ab workout routine

- pubic hair maintenance

- my butthole 

- alltheboyzz’s true identity

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Anonymous asked: thank you for your prayers :) how did you come to think of us? Sincerely, those limited to jacking off in the bathroom :/

it’s just something that’s not to laugh about and it’s just something that I fail to consider often and people including myself need to realize that we’re all pretty lucky to be able to jack off in the comfort of our own rooms

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Anonymous asked: really? he showed you his face? that's surprising ~jaiho ;)

no, I got it from another source!

and hope to see you at my tinychat tonight boo :)

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a serious moment of silence for all those who can only masturbate in the bathroom or in the shower

I pray for you on a constant basis

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ashercetchum replied to your post: alltheboyzz asked:fuck you cum sl…

lmao. i hate this tumblr guy. he even had the nerve to go to MY profile and message me EW… like wtf I thought his aim was asian guys… O.O

you shouldn’t feel hate

just pity

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Anonymous asked: ratchard? haha


Lol I heard that bitch has major std’s like anal warts and shit. ew.

your dad says otherwise xoxo